The one and only <3

Today was a hard day for me…. I submitted my chroomebook. We have been through so much together, chroomebook, so much love. I actually cried on my way up to Angelica. However, you will be missed ❤ Bild



2 days left untill summertime…

Now it’s just 2 days left of school before i banks and pulls and go to Greece. this 2 days will be stressful cuz i have many school assignments to be finished with before Wednesday. Yesterday i went to bed at 1’o clock… I woke up half past seven and just slept 5 hours, however  i’m soon finished so i think i have a few hours too catch up on.. On the weekend i usually sleep between 10- 12 hours a day so i think that sums up how much sleep i really need. Bild

How i feel today…..


CL final!

Yesterday i saw the CL final between the 2 spanish teams ATL-Madrid and Real Madrid. I don’t support the teams but after ATletico scored the first goal, i cheered for real and hoped that they could equalize so it would became extra time and penalty… Real scored a header by ramos in the last minute and The extra time was enough for Real Madrid to score 3 more goals and close the game with a 4-1 victory, they became champions of Europe for the tenth time now… The first 90 minutes of the game was booring and since Atletico scored, they parked the bus and played ultra defensive and hoped for counter attacks..


Ramos nice header goal



I saw the match with Sparrman, Axel a and Fred and we ate much star wars bubba fat candy.


Bubba fett